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GNU ls for Microsoft Windows


ls (also called msls) is a console utility that lists information on Windows files. It is based on the GNU/Linux ls directory information utility. It displays exhaustive information on Windows files including DACLs/SACLs, integrity levels, reparse points, shortcuts, hard links, symbolic links, hidden streams, encryption, compaction, virtualization, object tracking identifier, and offline status.



Files are shown in different colors based on their type:




An example of the output:




ls uses the native Windows API to get the fastest possible performance. You can view all the files in WindowsSystem32* (several thousand files) over a network LAN in just a few seconds.


ls can be customized to change colors, verbosity, layout, sorting, annotation, and level of detail.

Compatible Platforms


Windows 7 Yes
Windows Server 2008 Yes
Windows Vista Yes
Windows XP Yes
Windows Server 2003 Yes
Windows 2000 Yes
NT 4 Yes
95/98/ME Yes




Download ls


Download the source code.



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