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URecover: Recover files from a Windows Backup, Previous Version Snapshot, or VHD


URecover is the only software utility that can recover files from a Windows Image Backup without re-installing the whole computer.


Don't Get Bitten


Only URecover can rescue you from a difficult dilemma: Your computer crashed and you need your files, so you re-install Windows. But you need to recover your files from the old backup image. What do you do? Do re-install the whole disk image and hope it boots so you can recover your files? And if not, then what?

Mount an Image Backup as a Disk Letter


Only URecover lets you mount a Complete PC Backup (Vista) or Windows System Image Backup (Windows 7) as a disk letter, expanding the backup DVDs to a folder on your new computer. If you wrote the backup to the network or to another hard disk, URecover can mount it directly.


Once mounted you can casually browse through the backup any way you want. For example you can use Windows Search to scan for the files you want. You can even keep the disk letter mounted permanently as a read-only resource.


Mount a Shadow Copy as a Disk Letter


URecover can a mount a snapshot of your disk from a previous point in time. Microsoft calls this a “Shadow Copy” or “Previous Version” snapshot. Microsoft limits you to viewing the snapshot only from within Windows Explorer – you cannot access your files in the snapshot any other way.


Use URecover to mount the snapshot as a drive letter. Access the drive any way you want - even share it with other users on the network!


Mount a VHD file as a Disk Letter


URecover can mount a Virtual Hard Disk(.VHD) file as a drive letter. (A VHD is a file that contains a virtual machine image that boots inside of Virtual PC or Hyper-V.) Use URecover to read or write the VHD file any way you want without installing a virtual machine.

And More


More things you can do with URecover:

  • Recover applications (program files, registry settings, and icons).
  • Mount two or more backups made on different dates for side-by-side comparison.
  • Recover critical settings from the system registry.
  • View or modify VHD files created by Virtual PC,Virtual Server, or Hyper-V.
  • Mount a previous version of a VHD.
  • Share a Shadow Copy on the network.


  • Recover files from an unbootable backup.
  • Recover files from incompatible operating systems.
  • View/modify VHD disks without booting a VM.
  • Enjoy generous license terms for site-wide use.

Supported Operating Systems


URecover supports the following Windows operating systems:


Windows 7 Yes
Vista* Yes
Server 2008 R2 Yes
Server 2008 Yes
Server 2003 **
XP **
Windows 2000 No
64-bit Yes
International Yes


* Vista Home Edition is limited to Shadow Copies and VHD only.


** Server 2003 is limited to Shadow Copies and VHD only. XP is limited to VHD only.





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