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Having trouble with your home or office PC?

Fed up of working with a slow Laptop/Notebook/Netbook system?

Trouble with annoying popups, viruses and malicious programs?

Error messages, blue screens, system crashes?

Need your computers networked?
Virus and Spyware Removal



We're a PC Repair Centre and if you have a Computer Support/Repair need then you're in the right place.



Important: Unlike other Laptop/Computer Repair Centres, we operate on a strict No Fix No Fee Policy because we believe in honesty, fairness and value for money to all of our customers. This works very simply, we will fix the fault on your computer or you pay nothing.(*)


Please see below for a full list of services provided.



  • We service all makes and models of notebook computers including: Dell, HP (Hewlett Packard), Toshiba, ASUS, Acer, Sony, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM/Lenovo, Compaq, Packard Bell, NEC, Gateway, Panasonic, Advent, Mitac and more.
  • Laptop, Desktop PC and Server repairs and upgrades.
  • Virus, Spyware, Adware/Popup ads, Malware and Trojan Horse removal.
  • Memory upgrades.
  • Upgrade to a larger hard disk drive without losing any data files or programs.
  • Speed and performance improving.
  • Software and Hardware installation and configuration.
  • Data transfers and backups.
  • Home and Office networking, wired and secured wireless, for Internet and file/printer sharing.
  • Information Technology (IT) consulting services.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Server hardware and software purchasing advice and installations.
  • Business IT outsourcing.
  • Custom purpose built computer systems.
  • Broadband ADSL router setup and troubleshooting.
  • Complete system reformatting.
  • System restore.
  • Operating System (OS) installations.
  • Lost passwords reset or removed.
  • New computer system installation and training.
  • Microsoft Windows support (all versions).
  • Installation and setup of printers, scanners, external hard drives, webcams, digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players, ...
  • Skype (VoIP) installation and setup for free Internet calls with video.
  • Laptop repairs down to component level.
  • Laptop power socket (DC power jack connector) repair or replacement.
  • Laptop LCD/LED screen display replacement.
  • LCD/LED (TFT) computer monitor (PC screens/displays) servicing and repairs down to component level.
  • Laptop keyboard replacement.
  • New AC Adaptors (notebook chargers) for all major laptops.
  • Laptop CD/DVD optical drive replacement.
  • Replacement of broken hinges.
  • Notebook batteries.
  • USB Ports and headphone/microphone jack repair or replacement.
  • LCD laptop screen display inverter repair or replacement.
  • LCD laptop screen display backlight replacement.
  • Internal floppy drive replacement.
  • Full computer health check.
  • Free pick up and drop off within Larnaca district.




(*)Examples where the No Fix No Fee policy applies include: Your computer system is beyond repair, system is deemed by us as not worth being repaired (repair cost more than value of system), we cannot repair your system (very rare, but it could happen). At the same time, if we identify what the problem with your system is but you decide not to go ahead with the repair/fix, you will be charged for the diagnosis. Again, we believe this is very fair because we did everything right on our side and put in the time and effort to identify the problem with your system, but the repair was declined on your side.





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